Master of Science in Computer Science , Georgia Institute of Technology


Georgia Institute of Technology is a public research university and an institute of technology situated in Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia Tech is one of the leading technology universities. University offers degrees and masters in several fields. The main focus of the institute is on advanced technological and scientific research. The professors and pedagogy are top-notch and the program is value for money. It's difficult to find a master's program in Computer Science of a similar caliber even close to this price.  

Why I selected Georgia Tech?

I attended Georgia Tech for my master's and I graduated in the Summer of 2021. Adding to my past experience in an IT company, I wanted to continue my studies in the Computer Science field. After comprehensive research about MOOCs and boot camps, I found the OMSCS program offered by Georgia Tech. OMSCS was a perfect opportunity for me to improve my technical skills and learn the latest technologies used in the industry. The best part about OMSCS was that it could be attended from any part of the world.

How I selected my courses?

On my path of investing time in becoming a better software engineer, I came across different coding languages, skills, and tools. My specialization in masters was Computing Systems. Computing Systems covered detailed and wide syllabus and projects on important subjects like software development and architecture, computer network, and core course on Artificial Intelligence. Covering a vast segment of Computer Science, Computing Systems was the best specialization for my growth.